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Distributed by East African Breweries PLC (EABL) in Kenya, Johnnie Walker has positioned itself as a brand delivering world-class whisky products, entrenching itself as a customer-centric brand and solidifying its revered reputation.



In an industry where customer centricity forms the bedrock of accomplishment, Johnnie Walker proudly stands as a beacon of authenticity, inviting its patrons to metaphorically ‘Keep Walking’.

Renowned for crafting iconic spirits, Johnnie Walker seamlessly integrates a commitment to exceeding customer expectations in every facet of its process, from the selection of ingredients to the masterful artistry of distillation.

The historical roots of whisky, once meticulously crafted by monks as both spirited elixir and therapeutic remedy, underwent a transformative evolution. With the dissolution of monasteries by King Henry VIII, the production shifted into the hands of ordinary Scots, sparking a process of refinement that revealed whisky’s latent potential for pure enjoyment, always with the customer experience in mind.

Venturing into the 19th century, John Walker, a visionary grocer from Kilmarnock, emerged dissatisfied with the inconsistency in whisky flavours. Driven by a dedication to consistent high quality, he meticulously blended whiskies, creating a spirit that proudly bore his name. This marked a pivotal moment in whisky history, highlighting a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction.

The enduring legacy of those pioneering blends paved the way for the distinguished range of Johnnie Walker today, a range that resonates with the brand’s unwavering dedication to customer centricity. Take, for example, the Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years, a timeless classic delighting enthusiasts with a symphony of flavours that unfold with each sip. Offering a harmonious balance of sweet and smoky notes, with hints of honey and vanilla intermingling seamlessly with a subtle touch of peat, it delivers a nuanced and well-rounded taste.

For luxury seekers, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label symbolises refinement, not as an abstract concept but as a tangible experience. Rich, velvety sweetness, subtle peat, and a whisper of ash provide an unparalleled and sophisticated flavour profile, crafted with the customer’s preferences in mind.

The Red Label, with its accessible and bold character, further exemplifies the brand’s commitment to inclusivity. Here, the vibrant burst of sweetness and gentle smokiness are deliberate choices aimed at ensuring that exceptional whisky is not just a privilege but a shared delight for a broader audience.

Innovative spirits are evident in limited editions like the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight, the Gold Label Reserve which introduces a luscious sweetness reminiscent of honeyed cereals and gentle peat undertones, and the Double Black which presents a bolder and smokier profile. These expressions serve as deliberate responses to the diverse and sophisticated tastes of connoisseurs, aligning seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to understanding and meeting individual preferences.

Special editions, cultural celebrations, and milestones play a crucial role in Johnnie Walker’s commitment to fostering shared accomplishment and joy among customers. Take, for instance, special editions like the John Walker & Sons XR21 Lunar New Year, which transcends the realm of taste, embracing cultural celebrations. Additionally, the Johnnie Walker Celebratory Blend and Johnnie Walker Bicentenary Blend commemorate milestones, enhancing the tasting experience by instilling a deep sense of shared accomplishment and joy. Each sip signals travel through time and culture, resonating with individual and collective milestones that shape the customer’s appreciation for exceptional whisky.

The option to gift a bottle with a unique photo label reflects the brand’s understanding of the sentimental value tied to whisky. This transforms each bottle into a personalised memory, enriching the customer’s connection with the brand.

Even on the virtual platform, the official Johnnie Walker website serves as a companion in the customer’s whisky journey. It does not just describe the art of savouring whisky; it invites customers into a sensory expedition – inhaling the rich aroma, savouring the nuanced taste, and relishing each moment. The website goes further to provide whisky cocktail recipes, encouraging customers to explore and experiment, to curate their own experiences, once again placing the power in the hands of the customer. Consider, for example, those with a penchant for bitterness who may find satisfaction in the tantalising ‘Johnnie & Ginger’, while enthusiasts seeking a zestier and more vibrant experience can turn to the refreshing ‘Johnnie & Lemon’. For those desiring a luscious and sweet indulgence, the ‘Johnnie & Peach’ beckons, while the sophisticated ‘Johnnie & Elderflower’ eloquently caters to a more refined whisky audience.

To add another layer to the brand’s commitment to customer-centric experiences, Johnnie Walker collaborates with renowned brands to curate events, including concerts, offering its customers not just a drink but an opportunity for enjoyment, an acknowledgment that customer satisfaction goes beyond the bottle.

Distributed by East African Breweries PLC (EABL) in Kenya, Johnnie Walker has positioned itself as a brand delivering world-class whisky products, entrenching itself as a customer-centric brand and solidifying its revered reputation.


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Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Kenya’s Dr Hanningtone Gaya, holds a PhD in Commerce in Business Management from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), is viewed as an authority in country branding and is the founder chairman of the Brand Kenya Board.

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