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Transitioning from writing to managerial roles at Nation Media Group (NMG), Dr Njoki Chege not only assumed editorial responsibilities but also became an integral part of some innovative projects such as the Nation Lifestyle Project




In the dynamic realm of the Kenyan media industry, Dr Njoki Chege has carved out a reputation as a strategic leader and innovator. As the newly appointed CEO of Kirk Media, the trailblazing journalist and digital media strategist is now determined to transform the landscape of Christian media in Kenya.

Dr Chege’s journey to the apex of media leadership has been both deliberate and impactful. Nearly a decade ago, she garnered widespread recognition through her ‘City Girl’ column, a bold and occasionally controversial platform in which she offered a candid reflection of Kenyan society. The column, characterised by its unapologetic and forthright views, became a staple for Kenyan readers, eliciting diverse reactions and sparking numerous conversations across the nation. Reflecting on this period, Dr Chege notes, “City Girl was a mirror reflecting the real Kenyan society through a lens that many were reluctant to peer through. I have no regrets whatsoever. Every word was a stepping stone, building a path towards numerous opportunities that I am grateful for today.”

Transitioning from writing to managerial roles at Nation Media Group (NMG), Dr Chege not only assumed editorial responsibilities but also became an integral part of some innovative projects such as the Nation Lifestyle Project. Her leadership extended beyond administrative duties, immersing her into the innovative endeavours of the media organisation thus sparking a desire for further exploration in media management and innovation.

In her subsequent role as Founding Director of East Africa’s first Media Innovation Centre at the Aga Khan University, Dr Chege spearheaded initiatives that nurtured ideas and transformed them into viable solutions, redefining the media industry. The Media Innovation Centre became an incubator for developing projects and sustainable solutions that decentralised media from capital cities to rural areas, thereby enhancing accessibility for often-disenfranchised citizens.

With an impressive academic portfolio, including a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Communication, a Master’s degree in Communication, and an ongoing Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, Dr Chege has positioned herself at the pivotal intersection of academia and the media industry. Despite her extensive writings on digital media strategies over the past five years, she modestly eschews the label of a prophet in the media realm. “Nobody,” she asserts, “… can predict the future of the media. With fast emerging factors such as artificial intelligence (AI) and changing audience tastes, the best we can do as thought leaders is to constantly rethink our strategies with the shifting landscapes.”

Dr Chege radiates optimism about the current state of the media. She perceives the advent of technologies such as AI, virtual reality (VR), and changing media distribution patterns, including streaming and social media, not as threats but as opportunities to be capitalised on. “We are living in the future of media,” she declares, viewing these technological advancements and shifting patterns as avenues to explore innovative storytelling and content delivery, thereby enhancing the impact and reach of media in society.

One thing that Dr Chege is certain of is the timeless power of a compelling narrative, asserting that audiences consistently rally behind a well-told story. “In an era where technology has profoundly reconfigured the media landscape, well-crafted stories have always resonated with the audience. Good stories will always be shared, saved, watched and read in their entirety,” she articulates.

In her current role as CEO of Kirk Media, Dr Chege navigates the complexities of organisational leadership and strategic decision-making, recognising that her decisions affect not only the trajectory of the organisation but also influence the lives of her team members. Her leadership philosophy intertwines profitability with a commitment to making meaningful contributions to society, ensuring that organisational objectives align with a broader social impact.

“I strive to lead a purpose-driven life, always seeking excellence in whatever I undertake,” she says.  “While I admire business leaders who have attained tremendous profitability for their organisations, my respect goes out to those who, in addition, have prioritised sustainable business models that have touched lives and enhanced societal wellbeing.”

Away from the corporate arena, Dr Chege continues to impact lives through the Arise Mentorship Program, a foundation aimed at empowering women and youth by providing guidance and support in their professional and personal development.

Dr Chege’s trajectory in the media industry is a harmonious blend of passion, innovation, and leadership, meticulously woven through years of dedication, strategic decision-making, and impactful leadership. Her journey tells a narrative of not merely a career but a dedicated pursuit of impactful media, innovative solutions, and transformative leadership.


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Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Kenya’s Dr Hanningtone Gaya, holds a PhD in Commerce in Business Management from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), is viewed as an authority in country branding and is the founder chairman of the Brand Kenya Board.

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