Top 5 Women Consultants in Corporate Communications

Emily Kaiga's career was shaped in the journalism field. She was a versatile acquisition for the Nation Media Group’s (NMG) broadcasting division, cutting her teeth in TV and Radio as news reporter, editor, producer, and news anchor.




Emily Kaiga stands as a paragon of excellence in corporate communications. Her admirable contribution spanning over two decades has been essential in journalism, public relations (PR), and executive leadership roles.

With a proven track record of elevating brands and driving transformative change, Emily’s strategic acumen and passion for innovation have propelled her to the forefront of the industry. Her commitment to continuous learning, coupled with an unwavering dedication to fostering positive social impact, cement her status as a dynamic leader shaping the future of communications in Africa and beyond.

Her career was shaped in the journalism field. She was a versatile acquisition for the Nation Media Group’s (NMG) broadcasting division, cutting her teeth in TV and Radio as news reporter, editor, producer, and news anchor. Pioneering as one of the first female business news reporters and anchors in Kenya, Emily’s proactive approach to news gathering and storytelling helped elevate the radio station to a top-five position in the industry. Leading the Business News Division, Emily significantly increased advertising revenue and contributed to the station’s overall success.

She transitioned seamlessly to the realm of PR, when she moved to Tell-Em Public Relations in the role of Account Director, tasked with team operations and fostering robust client relations. Her subsequent role as Associate Director at Hill + Knowlton Strategies further showcased her talent for client retention and new business initiatives, notably securing Nokia East Africa as a retainer client. As Managing Director (MD) at Corporate Talk Public Relations, she demonstrated her visionary leadership, revitalising the agency’s cross-sector PR strategy and spearheading a remarkable turnaround in profitability.

At Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, as Head of Brand and Corporate Communication, Emily enhanced the bank’s visibility and thought leadership through digitisation and collaboration, aligning brand strategy with global standards while catering to local market needs. Notably, it was her tenure as Director of Corporate Communication for Visa in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) that truly exemplified her transformative impact. Instrumental in elevating Visa’s profile across the region, Emily forged strategic partnerships, implemented robust communication strategies, and championed social impact initiatives, earning accolades such as Employee of the Year. 

Driven by a passion for integrating sustainability into her leadership endeavours, her subsequent role at the African Philanthropy Forum as Community Engagement and Communications Director epitomised her steadfast commitment to catalysing positive change. In this position, Emily forged collaborative partnerships with a diverse range of philanthropic stakeholders to address Africa’s pressing funding gap for local development initiatives. This immersive experience within the African landscape empowered Emily to nurture relationships across a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including African governments, philanthropists, community leaders, civil society organisations, foundations, social investors, and media entities, all pivotal players in the development arena.

Her journey culminates in her current role at Cellulant, where her wealth of insights and experience gleaned from diverse roles has impeccably prepared her for the position of Senior Consultant in Corporate Communications. She leverages her multifaceted expertise to collaboratively craft comprehensive communication strategies alongside executive leadership, thereby amplifying the global recognition of the company. Additionally, Emily spearheads a cross-functional team, orchestrating the planning and execution of strategic PR and digital campaigns with finesse, effectively conveying Cellulant’s brand narrative to diverse audiences.

Holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC), as well as additional diplomas in International Relations (IR) and Personnel Management, Emily furthered her knowledge through the Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident through professional training courses, including media and finance-related programs offered by leading institutions like the United States International University-Africa (USIU-A), KPMG, and Friedrich Nauman Stiftung. Emily’s dedication to honing her craft is reflected in her affiliations, notably as a member of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK).

Her tour of duty reflects an impressive journey of growth and adaptability, seamlessly transitioning to provide strategic support across diverse sectors. Her resilience, collaborative spirit, and proficiency in navigating complexity have been pivotal in her achievements. 

With a fervent dedication to fostering positive social impact in Africa, her current role as a consultant empowers her to leverage her extensive communication expertise for greater organisational impact.

In a landscape of continual evolution in business, media, and communications, Emily remains steadfast in her commitment to ongoing learning, ensuring she remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional results. Her expertise in media relations, coupled with her thought leadership, positions her as a formidable influencer in the field of corporate communications across sub-Saharan Africa.


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Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Kenya’s Dr Hanningtone Gaya, holds a PhD in Commerce in Business Management from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), is viewed as an authority in country branding and is the founder chairman of the Brand Kenya Board.

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Top 5 Women Consultants in Corporate Communications

Emily Kaiga’s career was shaped in the journalism field. She was a versatile acquisition for the Nation Media Group’s (NMG) broadcasting division, cutting her teeth in TV and Radio as news reporter, editor, producer, and news anchor.

Top 5 Women Consultants in Corporate Communications

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