Top 25 Brands Transforming Tourism Experience in Kenya 2022

Nothing beats boots on the ground, and with offices in Cape Town and Mombasa, Southern Cross Safaris have a finger on the pulse of the continent.




Southern Cross Safaris were established in 1957 during the early days of tourism in Kenya. The Southern Cross Safaris team have all lived in Africa for all their life and travelled extensively and can share this knowledge with you. The staff use this personal experience in the planning and discussions of tailored itineraries to suit all individuals or groups, from honeymooners to multi-generational families and friends, special interests and adventure seekers, and select the perfect mix to maximise your enjoyment on safari and realise your ‘once in a lifetime’ dream to travel to Africa.

Nothing beats boots on the ground, and with offices in Cape Town and Mombasa, Southern Cross Safaris have a finger on the pulse of the continent, complete with a team of experts on hand to guide the tourist or traveller in choosing their holiday of a lifetime; and another team of experts to ensure that it takes place with seamless excellence.

Explore in style

Southern Cross Safaris fleet of over 70 high-spec, customised safari vehicles with open sides means your game drives deliver the optimal game-viewing experience. And the team of multi-lingual, qualified guides ensure you never miss any of the action. The fleet of minivans and coaches ensure your transfers between destinations are done in complete safety and comfort.

Southern Cross Safaris boasts of its own safari airline, Scenic Air Safaris, which gives the option of expanding your experience by flying between destinations aboard the luxurious Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft. The professional bush pilots know this land intimately; and the dedicated safari guides are proficient in ensuring that the connection between destinations delivers as much information and insight as you desire.

A camp of your own

In the interests of ensuring that visitors experience the best of the best, Southern Cross Safaris has established its own camp in Tsavo East. Its location is sublime. What’s more, as one of the ONLY providers of water in this arid region, the waterhole is the destination of choice for thousands of creatures—especially elephants. So, if you’d like to look out on several hundred elephants while you’re enjoying a gourmet lunch—come to Satao Camp.

Like the elephants, the guests are drawn to the oasis of Satao Camp because in the provision of traditional safari comfort, Southern Cross Safaris believe they excel. The tents are exquisitely appointed, the cuisine is gourmet, the range of bespoke activities is endless…and the safari guides are masters of their trade. But, more than this, Southern Cross Safaris are a close-knit family that’s dedicated to extending a genuine warmth of welcome to those who join them.

The Guarantee

Southern Cross Safaris is committed to the protection of the African environment, which is why they work closely with a number of key conservation agencies. The firm is committed to ensuring that Africa’s communities’ benefit from African tourism.

They believe that a safari should be much more than a holiday – it should be an interaction with a culture, a meeting and bonding with people of other nations. Which is why all the itineraries feature the opportunity for cultural interaction – visits to villages or schools, the chance to learn more about the people you’ll meet along the way.

The team is supremely versatile—so whether you want to build in some high-action sport into your holiday—or whether you want to make sure the kids learn a little along the way—the team can tailor your experience to your way of thinking. The team is equally expert in offering guided or escorted tours and with dealing with special needs.

The Southern Cross is the brightest constellation of all the stars that spangle the African skies. Its sheer brilliance makes it the easiest to find and the safest to follow. People have been navigating their way around Africa using the Southern Cross for centuries. Which is why, back in 1969, the founders named the safari company Southern Cross. So, when it comes to planning your African safari, why not be guided by the original, brightest and the best?

As one of the longest-established safari operators in Africa, Southern Cross Safaris has guided literally thousands of visitors around the magical continent. With over half-a-century of experience, the team chooses only the finest lodges, the most evocative of tented camps and the most idyllic of hotels.

Southern Cross are the experts, not only in planning a tour, but also in ensuring its faultless execution. The ground teams monitor the progress every inch of the way. The driver/guides are the finest in the business. They are so committed to excellence that the team runs its own camps, including its own safari airline. You’re in expert hands.

So, whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, a family getaway, a bespoke tour or a sublimely romantic honeymoon, Southern Cross Safaris will have the ideal itinerary for you.

Their website, where we have lifted nearly all of this material for accuracy, has been designed to showcase the magnificence of the African wilderness experience—clearly and simply. But nothing can replace the immediacy of a chat with an expert. Which is why you’ll never be more than a click away from a member of the friendly team of experts.


Southern Cross Safaris are continually working to make the company sustainable in every aspect, and ensures that it partners with suppliers with a good sustainability ethos. The firm also creates sustainability awareness among employees, clients and partners.

The firm is committed to protecting the environment in which it operates and the sustainability policy helps the firm minimize all negative effects.

Southern Cross Safaris likes to provide support whenever possible to conservation projects and charities. This enables the firm run its business knowing that it is sustaining the natural and social environments around it along the way.

In 2019, Southern Cross Safaris got involved with Wildlife Works and supported their Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project which has enabled them eliminate the carbon footprint and become carbon neutral! It is a fantastic project which is on the firm’s doorstep.

In brief, the Kasigau Corridor (a wildlife corridor between Tsavo East & West National Parks) some 20 years ago was a barren piece of land where animals were rapidly decreasing in numbers. Since Wildlife Works started, the RED++ project, the following has happened:

  • Over 55,000 indigenous trees have been planted in the last 4 years.
  • 10,0000 kgs of eco-friendly charcoal have been produced without cutting down a single tree.
  • 15 school projects were completed in the last 3 years.
  • Hundreds of people from the local community have been employed to run the project (30% of the workforce is female).
  • 10 water projects have been completed in the last 4 years, serving over 26,000 people.

These are to mention a few!

This Safari firm has also been supporting New Hope Children’s Home—Mombasa for many years, the home provides free meals and education to hundreds of children and the Rhino Ark charity, to build protective fences around Kenya’s forests to help to preserve the natural ecosystem and the wildlife who depend on these forests.

The Tusk Trust, Tsavo Trust, an amazing charity that monitors poaching in Tsavo is also supported and the firm is proud to say that poaching in Tsavo is at an all-time minimum due to these ongoing efforts.

For tourists and travellers, rely on Southern Cross Safaris. They are on the ground as your guiding star, as you realise your ‘once in a lifetime’ dream to travel to Africa.


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Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Kenya’s Dr Hanningtone Gaya, holds a PhD in Commerce in Business Management from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), is viewed as an authority in country branding and is the founder chairman of the Brand Kenya Board.

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