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English Point Marina in Mombasa, is the perfect luxury getaway with an amazing view on a beautiful white sandy beach, with full access to the warm waters of the creek.




According to the Business Daily of October 04, 2016, the construction of the then Sh350 million English Point Marina in Mombasa was set to boost Kenya’s bid to raise tourism earnings from Indian Ocean.

The marina, hotel, apartments and spa are located in the picturistic Nyali Beach of Mombasa County, and represents a pure luxury overlooking the spectacular views of the old town and the old harbour. According to LinkedIn, English Point Marina in Mombasa, is the perfect luxury getaway with an amazing view on a beautiful white sandy beach, with full access to the warm waters of the creek.

After its completion, its developers have been focused on using the marina to get the attention of billionaires across the world, boosting the profile of the otherwise sleepy coastal town of Mombasa on the marine tourism map.

English Point Marina owner Alnoor Kanji opined during its construction then that on the African continent, luxury hotels with marinas are only in South Africa, Egypt and into the vast ocean in the Seychelles.

“We want to turn Mombasa into a tourism hub such as Monte Carlo in Monaco which attracts large number of super-yachts owned by global billionaires.”

Alnoor Kanji

According to the Oxford English dictionary, a marina is a specially designed harbour for small boats and yachts and may have refuelling, washing, restocking and repair facilities.

The English Point Marina, Mombasa, built by a reputable British construction company and the first of its kind in East Africa, has a parking capacity of between 50 and 60 yachts depending on the lengths, and is aimed at attracting luxury yachts from across the world, bringing with them the billionaire owners and their friends to Mombasa. The yacht which can be parked at the local marina range between six metres and 30 metres long.

Before the construction of this most lucrative marina, the yachts cruising to Mombasa had to anchor in the sea as there were no facilities for parking them, opined the owner then. When there is no parking for them, the yachts owners must keep the engines running while the vessels are anchored in the ocean.

Apart from the parking of the yachts, the marina and its facilities as the hotels, would provide water, electricity, refuelling facilities, cleaning and waste disposal, in addition to giving the owners opportunity to re-stock with fresh vegetables and local fruit choice.

Yachts are like small hotels as they have rooms, kitchen, lounge, air conditioners among other amenities tailored to serve the well-off people using them. The hotel end of the marina also targets the high-end boat owners for them to come to Mombasa for holidays as a change of scene from the sea.

The rooms inside the main hotel are nothing but luxury and the suites ooze an element of elegance and carefully crafted furniture and fittings, according to the hundreds of reviews read by those who have frequented the facility. English Point Marina Hotel and Spa does not charge reservation or booking fees and have tailor made deals available on request, according to its website.

Other facilities in the property include polished beachfront offering a rooftop restaurant and a bar, plus an outdoor pool and spa.

In many words of travellers, the English Point Marina Hotel and Spa is a modern international development situated in the coastal city of Mombasa that was designed by Broadway Malyan, a respected name in international architectural practice.

The facility additionally offers 96 three-bedroom apartment living in the comfort, luxury and security of a hotel managed by an award-winning team. Also included are 8 penthouses, each occupying between 1655 and 2100 square feet of floor space.

An armada of restaurants enable spectacular views straddling the beach and sea with indoor and outdoor seating. The main restaurant in the hotel proper offers international standard cuisine, with preferential arrangement for residents.

The hotel room side incorporates 23 air-conditioned rooms, 3 suites and 24-hour reception, rooftop meeting room and conference facility. Hotel marketing includes the apartments with an opportunity for investors to sub-lease their apartments to the hotel.

Inspired by water and its restorative benefits, the Ansui spa is a haven of peace and tranquility primely located at the waterfront of the facility.

The property also incorporates East Africa’s first floating pontoon marina, fully serviced with on-berth supply of fresh water, electricity, internet, satellite TV, fuel pump out facilities and slipway. 60 berths from 6m to 40m with access to full hotel services, dedicated security and management center are in tow.

The swimming pool enjoys a spectacular sea front location with an unobstructed view of Mombasa old town and Fort Jesus. Also on site, is a comprehensive water-sport centre facility including deep-sea fishing, scuba, diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, sea safaris and excursions around the creek.

Boats are available for exclusive use of apartment occupants for excursions around the creek or private sundown cruises with a skipper.


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Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Kenya’s Dr Hanningtone Gaya, holds a PhD in Commerce in Business Management from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), is viewed as an authority in country branding and is the founder chairman of the Brand Kenya Board.

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