Teaching them to make good friends.

According to studies newborn babies are ready to socialize in natural way, but researches show that parents play a big role in teaching their kids how to make friends. Read on to learn how you can help your child make good friends.

Right from the time a child is born parents keep checking whether everything is fine with their child or not. Although, physical perfections can be judged, it becomes really challenging to figure out the emotional perspective. However, if you pay attention to some aspects and help your child develop emotional and social skills, you will find there is lot of improvement.
Experts are of the opinion that social skills should be taught right from the time your child is a toddler, but it becomes all the more important when your child starts going to school. Friendships are also important for emotional health and sometimes even one friend is enough to make your child happy.
Even though some children find it very easy to make friends, some need encouragement. So, if your child is shy or had difficulty making friends in past, there are many ways in which you can teach her not only to make
friends, but also good ones.

Tips to Teach Kids to Make Good

Have a quick look at the tips for
helping your child to make good
Teach Them Friendship Skills
Kids like to play with kids of their own age just as we like to spend time with like-minded people and people of same age group. Remember, you are the role model for your child and if she sees you making friends, she
will automatically learn to mix up with other children.

Get Involved
When you are teaching your child to make good friends, do not ever force her to do so. Always keep in mind that everyone is different and it is not necessary that she will relate with friends in the same way you do. She might be having a different style and you should find that out.
Organize Play Dates or Activities
If your child is young the best way to help her make friends is to invite children of same age group to your house. You can organize specific games or make cookies of your child’s interest so that she feels good that her friends are welcomed. When your child will grow this step will help you know your child’s friends.
Let your Child Choose Good Friends
Friendship helps expand the perspective of a child. Give your child the freedom to choose her friends, just make sure that your child is not
in any kind of danger.
Help your Child with Friendship Issues
Misunderstandings can easily happen between two people. If you find your child emotionally disturbed because of her friend, help her work through the issue. Listen to your child, calm her down and teach her to
how to deal with specific issues.
Be Realistic
If your child is shy, it is obvious she is not going to make too many friends. You can help her have one or two good friends so that her social skills get improved.
With the support of your love and coaching, your child will continue to grow socially as she progresses in school. Gradually you will see that children enjoy the journey towards making meaningful friends. A good group of friends will even help your child come out of the shy nature.

Even if she is not the popular kid, her friend circle will make her feel good. With a little help from you, your little one will be able to expand her social


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Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Dr. Hanningtone Gaya

Kenya’s Dr Hanningtone Gaya, holds a PhD in Commerce in Business Management from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), is viewed as an authority in country branding and is the founder chairman of the Brand Kenya Board.

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